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2019-03-01 21:39:55
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Involved in different Ecommerce & Tech Startups, applied Machine Learning and AI Technologies, having responsibilities include analyzing, core application development, reviewing, recommending and building strategic and tactical changes to Internet Properties that drive business profitability. Fully involve in CORE software development, transforming and correlating the business engineering objects into software engineering objects. Fully involve in Data Science Applications developed Prediction & Recommender System using Machine Learning algorithm like C4.5 Decision tree, Random forest, CART, XGBOOST, Deep learning, Neural Network (ANN, CNN, RNN, LSTM), Ensemble Regression, TSP, Genetic, CVRP, Collaborative Filtering etc. using Python, Sci-kit Learn, Tensorflow, Keras, Pandas, Numpy and C# & SQL and developed Algorithms & Real time applications for 4Ps and Algorithmic Demand & Supply Chain Predictions, Matching & Operations and inject Intelligence and Automation. • Languages: Python, C#, C++, SQL, R, Sci-kit Learn, Tensorflow, Keras, Numpy • Web Technologies: ASP.NET,PHP, WebAPI, Websockets, Webworkers, AJAX, LINQ, ADO.NET, HTML5,XML • Scripting languages: JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, Node.js, Angular.JS, SVG, D3.js, 3.js,Knockout.js • Databases : SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, Access, PostgreSQL, & DB2 • NoSQL: MongoDB • Design Tools : MS-Project, Balsamiq, Axure • Cloud Computing : AWS, Cloudflare • Architect Skills :Business Architecture, Persuasive Architecture, Communication Architecture, Deployment Architecture, Domain Architecture, Development Architecture (Creational, Structural and Behavioral) and Crawl Architecture, Design Patterns like Singleton, Factory Methodologies, MVC, Proxy, Anti-Design Pattern. • Project Leadership Skills: Agile, Scrum, Spiral, Rational Unified Process and Joint Application Development • Technical Document Skills:BCD, WBS,PBS,RFC,SOW,SRS,SDS • Business Analysis Skills :SWOT, CATWOE, MoSCoW, SCRS