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2020-06-02 19:17:53
About this user
I have full-stack experience from databases through services to desktop and browser-based applications. I only list skills that I have expert level at. I am a senior software engineer and architect providing consulting and training services to help people to improve their products and software development life-cycle.
  • Bachelor of Science
    State University of New York Polytechnic Institute
    Sep 1983 - Jun 1986 2 Year(s) and 9 Month(s)
  • Associate of Applied Science
    Mohawk Valley Community College
My Professional Background
  • Consultant, Mentor, Instructor
    Smallrock Internet Services, Inc.
    Jun 2000 - Present 24 Year(s) and 1 Month(s)

    Consult on the architecture, design and development full-stack software applications that scale out to millions of users. Provide mentoring, training, and coding for database design, back-end software and web-services development, desktop and browser-based application development, and Agile methodologies. Specialist in addressing security during software design and development. Expert in all of the modern databases, programming languages, and technology to support the design and development of these applications.
  • Consultant, Mentor, Instructor
    Avalanche Systems
    Sep 1991 - Jun 2000 8 Year(s) and 9 Month(s)

    Small business networking, software development, and training. Avalanche Systems was re-incorporated in the State of Florida as Smallrock Internet Services, Inc. in June of 2000 (see above).
  • Lead Software Engineer
    GTE and Computer Sciences Corporation
    Jun 1984 - Dec 1994 10 Year(s) and 6 Month(s)

    Lead software engineer responsible for product development over the Laboratory Office Network Experiment (LONEX) for the Air Force Laboratory. Architected, designed, and coded the software used for LONEX, an early (1979 - 1994) paperless office automation system used for email, word processing, controlled work flow, and other office tasks. Participated in the implementation of TCP/IP for Berkeley Unix 2.10 after the ARPANet TCP/IP rollout in 1983-1984. Managed the Unix system administration. Responded as part of security teams investigating incidents, including the investigation of the 1988 Morris worm.