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2019-03-02 01:03:07
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My Elevator Pitch: *** Leader of fast-paced Global Cloud Platform operations teams, Monitoring & Logging Systems and Site Reliability, influencing Technology decisions, helping to drive operational and technical excellence across Private and Shared Cloud Platforms, delivering deployment & environment solutions. *** Accomplishments: - Improved Production availability from 94.57% to 98.7% in 6 months - Reduced Overall costs of monitoring and infrastructure utilization by $1.5 Mil in one year - Implemented Open Source instrumentation tools across 485 Services - Supported 45% user growth in one year and more than 70K transactions per Second - Orchestrated state of the Art Monitoring As A Service and Logging As A Service Solutions to support $ 3 Billion in Revenue. How can I Help? Are you in search of a Hands On Development Operations Leader with more than 20 years of Building DevOps teams, resolving IT Operations Issues, Leading Cloud Transformation, Automating the Operations Pipeline?... Call me Directly to schedule a 30 min introduction (408) 657 -7659.. or send me email to linkedin connections are also WELCOME! I would really appreciate it. I am passionate about: • Cloud Transformations IAAS, PAAS, SAAS • Building Fault Tolerant, Auto Scalable, High Redundancy systems for High System Availability and Zero Downtime. • Delivering high performance quality DevOps with focus on Software Efficiency and Cost Reductions. • Automating IT Operations and Enhancing IT delivery, FULL CICD Implementation. • Automating Site Reliability for maximum availability & Managing Complex Production issues across $1B infrastructure. • Fully automating the entire release process to support ANY RELEASE, ANY TIME.. Monitoring Tools: Prometheus, InfluxDB, Sensu, New Relic, App Dynamics, DataDog, DynaTrace, Splunk, ELK STACK, Kibana CICD Tools: Jenkins, Nexus, GoCD, AWS Commit, AWS Build, AWS Pipeline, Kubernetes, Dockers Swarm, Containers, Puppet, Chef & Much More...